How To Lose The Last Stubborn Pounds On My Stomach

by Jack

Question: How to lose the last stubborn pounds on my stomach?

I am a 20 year old male, I weigh 184 lb and my height is 177cm. I have been working out for about 2 years. I am currently taking on pure whey as a protein supplement. I used to weigh 245 lb when I started training I was obese.

Training experience:

-I started out using split training targeting 2 or 3 muscles per day 4 x per week. (for about 4 months)

-Because I wanted to lose the fat, a trainer advised me to do high reps instead of increasing the weights so I continued on the same training targeting 2-3 muscles per day but doing 20 reps per set, 4 sets per exercise. (for about 2 months)

-Then I did the 16 week superset training, on this program I went from benching 180lb to about 250lb (for about 4 months)

-I did another 3 months boxing training combined with my own superset programs I did myself.

-After that I started training twice per day once at 9am then I would come back take my protein shake and sleep then I would wake up at go train at 6 pm. ( for 4 months)

-The last 7 months I have been alternating between split routines and supersets with a 20 min interval cardio (1 min walking , 2 min running) at the end.

That's basically my training. During that 2 years I went on a strict diet and I droped from 245lb to 184lb. I am currently benching 270lb (1 rep) and I can dead-lift 300lb (1 rep).

Thing is, although I have found a huge difference in appearance I still cant totally remove my love handles and I cant get my abs to show.

I have tried using some fat burners but nothing gave me the desired result.

I tried animal cuts, hydroxycut, lipo6x, thermonex.

My question is, what supplements should I be taking to get that ripped abs
and chest? And is there a specific training program that will help me reach my goal? (I don't want a supplement that can damage my health) thanks in advance

Answer: The thing with losing that last bit of stubborn fat, is to get your nutrition in check.

What kinds of foods are you eating? The kinds of foods you eat can have a huge impact on the kind of results you get.

Also, the body has to know that it is going to be fed in order for it to consistently drop the weight off.

So basically, you have to feed the muscle to burn the fat, but not just anything, you have to feed it with healthy food. Nutrition is everything.

Some people lose a lot of weight, and then in an attempt to lose more, they keep restricting themselves, and in return, they find themselves gaining more weight, and have a harder time staying lean.

Keep your salt in take low

Keep your sugar intake low

Eat lean protein

Don't eat fried food

Consume most of your food in non package form

It doesn't sound like you need a supplement, and it doesn't sound like you need a new routine... It sounds like the problem may be in your diet.

One thing to remember, is that when you lose weight, it does take time for the skin to catch up, and tighten... It'll happen, it just takes a while.

Keep training hard, and eat super healthy, and you'll get your results!

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