I Feel Like I'm Getting Thicker

Question: I Feel Like I'm Getting Thicker...

Hello! So I'm a 24 year old female - been working out since 14 years old. At one point I was super skinny (too skinny)- weighed 110 lbs at 5'7.

My diet was very strict (wouldn't eat after 7 o clock religiously, ate soy derivatives of every food, still ate meat though, and barely any carbohydrates).

Flash forward to now... I'm 165 lbs and 5'8... pretty toned/athletic build.. but I feel like I'm getting thicker, and I'm frustrated.

My clothes have been consistently getting larger, not smaller.

My routine was cardio day (spin class, or running on the treadmill 45 mins) with abs, and then alternated with quick cardio warm up 15 minutes followed by lifting (one lifting day legs and back, one lifting day shoulders, bis and tris).

I felt like I was getting very strong but I feel thicker as well and clothes aren't fitting.

I've recently changed it as of 2 days ago to cardio (spin or running) followed by a circuit of lower weight and more reps for a minute straight, repeat, then wait a minute and move on to the next machine.

And I've decided to limit my caloric intake a lottttt. I want to make sure I'm on the right track to leaning out
not feeling as "inflated". Thanks!

Answer: Yeah, it sounds like you're on the right track.

The high rep/high intensity circuit style training, is a very effective approach.

It's good that you're adding weight training in your routines... Most females shy away from weight training, because they believe weights will make them look bulky or too muscular...

But, if you do light weight, high reps, you'll be amazed at how many additional calories you'll be able to burn off, and actually develop a slim, tone appearance.

"And I've decided to limit my caloric intake a lot"

Calorie reduction can be a good thing, but if your body feels deprived, reducing calories will only be a short term approach, since your body will feel starving all the time, and eventually you'll rebound and eat till you can't move.

So... Instead of reducing calories to a dramatic degree, you would be better off at eating as much as you need to feel satisfied, but eat the foods that are better for you. You see?

So think of it as rewarding your body for the hard work it puts in.

Occasionally treat yourself to your favorite dishes... Don't restrict yourself too much...

There has to be balance: Workout, then feed your body nutritious foods, and occasionally treat yourself to snacks that you like.

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