How To Increase My Bench Press
6 Easy Ways To Help You Lift More

How Can I Increase MY Bench Press Faster?

There are several things you can do to increase your bench press, and we will go through a few different possibilities right here. Here are the top 6 ways to add weight to your bench press.

Most weight lifters may have experienced one time or another, where they've wanted to increase the weight on their bench press... Maybe for pure satisfaction of seeing the weight increase to reach a personal goal, maybe because you wanted to see that you were getting stronger...

Whatever the reason, we're going to go through all the different ways to help you maximize the amount weight you can lift!

You can apply these tips to increase your bench press, or to increase the weight on all your lifts.

Increase my bench press option 1:

After reading the hundreds of pages from How2MuscleGuide, you now know the importance of changing your workouts, you know that doing the same workouts week after week yields minimal results, and you know that just by doing the same thing more often, does not necessarily mean you will achieve results faster.

Small changes in your workouts, make a HUGE difference! But, you will have to allow yourself a little time with the approach below.

Each week add small amounts of weight to your bench press. 5 lbs once per week.

For the muscles, this will be barely detectable at first, but the muscles will develop stronger little by little, and you'll be able to get stronger with ease.

Work your chest only once a week, and add 5 lbs to the very first exercise. Do this on the very first exercise on chest day. Not the second, or third... The first exercise only.

This may seem obvious to some, but the real trick here is patience, and allowing the muscles to get stronger without putting them into such a shock mode that they begin to resist. Some may try to increase weight too fast, and the body may then do the opposite of what you are wanting it to do.

Small gradual increases, week after week... Soon, you'll be up 50 lbs on your bench press, and it will seem easy.

Increase my bench press option 2:

Increase your bench press by increasing the strength of your triceps. The triceps are a secondary muscle that is partially responsible for the bench press chest exercise movement. So if you have stronger triceps, the odds of lifting more weight begins to look very promising.

Some people like to do their triceps on the same day as chest, and that's fine, but try this:

If you do triceps on chest day, do them last.

If you do triceps on day that you do not do your chest, you will be able to handle heavier weight on your tricep exercises.

Try doing about 6 to 8 reps and about 3 sets on each tricep exercise. This will help you increase strength to your triceps, and help you increase the weight on your bench presses.

Increase my bench press option 3:

Change the order you do your chest exercises in every week or every other week. This way, you will strengthen the chest at its maximum, from the top, the bottom, the middle, and the sides.

You are always at your strongest right at the beginning of your workouts. So, every few weeks you will target your chest muscles differently when you are at your strongest so that every part of your chest develops at its best.


Week 1

Pressing exercises:
Flat bench
Incline bench
Decline bench

Flat flys
Incline flys

Week 2 (switch it up)

Decline bench
Flat bench
Incline bench

Incline flys
Flat flys

So if your chest becomes at its strongest from every angle, you'll eventually add more weight to your lifts, because your entire chest will be stronger.

Increase my bench press option 4:

Do something similar to a 1 rep max on your chest, every workout, whether that be chest day, or any other day... but instead of going to the max on this lift, load the bar so that you are just shy of going to the max. So this way you won't need a spotter, and you will have more control over the weight and be able to move it slower on the negative, which will create a lot of resistance.

Do this on every workout, on chest days and on non chest days... It's just 1 rep, so you won't be over working yourself.

So at the beginning of every workout, throw up a good heavy lift right before you start in on your workout. Each time you do this, it'll get easier, and you'll be able to lift more.

Not only will this get easier, but it's a good shock for the muscles, and probably a big change from what you are used to doing.

Here's a special tip when doing a 1 rep max: Since you'll be doing this 1 repetition at the beginning of your workouts, don't make the weight impossible to lift by yourself.

Obviously you want to lift 'almost' to the max, but try using a weight that you have more control over, then move slower when bringing the weight back down... You will then be able to add more weight more often, and do this 1 rep press by yourself if you need to.

So pick a weight where you can explode to the top, and then move slower as you bring it down.

Increase my bench press option 5:

You'll love this one! You can do this on your chest, or on any exercise to help increase your strength levels.

Pick a weight where you're able to perform approximately 8 to 12 repetitions on your first set of any exercise. Then, once you get to that repetition mark, rack the weight, remove about 20 lbs, then push out a couple more reps. This is best when done on the very last set of each exercise.

Increase my bench press option 6:

Hit every muscle fiber! If you target your fast and slow twitch muscle fibers, you are bound to get stronger!

The way to do this, is to target a different rep range each week.

Week 1: Stay in the 6 repetition zone
week 2: Stay in the 8 repetition zone
week 3: Stay in the 10 repetition zone
And so on...

So each week you will be handling different amounts of weight, and will do high and low reps to target more muscle fibers, for more strength.