Increasing Arm Size And Shape

Question: Increasing Arm Size And Shape... I am 52 years old and have been a non competitive bodybuilder for all my life, played high school, college and a few years of semi-pro football before I gave it all up.

I want to increase my arm size. Is it possible at my age? I also am not interested in gaining any body-weight. I feel that with age my torso overshadows my arms.

My question is, should I train arms on there own day and should I cut back on my chest and back training until my arms get bigger?

Right now I train chest and triceps on one day and upper-back shoulders and biceps usually 2 days later then take 2 days off and repeat.

Or, should I 4get the whole thing and just go on like I've been doing and chalk it up to the fact that I'm getting older and that's the way it is? Can you help thanks.

Answer: Yes you can still increase your arm size at your age. There are many ways to do this.

"Should I train arms on there own day?"

Yes, you could do that. A schedule that you could work with, could look something like this:

Chest, abs
Back, shoulders
Biceps, triceps
Legs, abs

"And should I cut back on my chest and back training until my arms get bigger?"

No. Cutting back on chest and back will just create more lagging areas that you may end up being unhappy with, so let's avoid that.

On arm day, give your body something new. Try working out with exercises you've never done before.

An intensity method that you could try:

On the last set of every exercise, lower the weight, and do more reps.

Another thing to try:

As an example, let's say you're doing bicep curls...

You've already done about 3 sets, and you plan on doing 1 more set... Well, on this last set, when you are bringing the weight upward so that your arms are in a flexing position, hold that weight for 5 or 10 seconds longer than what you normally would. Do that for every rep on your last set for every exercise. You may have to use lighter weight on your last set, but it will help.

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