Intense Workout Plan

by Abdur Rehman Mazhar
(Dubai, UAE)

Question: Please give me a good strength and intense workout plan...

Age 21, working out since last 6 months. I was under weight, but now I have gained weight and am good now, I have a good body, little muscular but I have belly fat, that's the reason I want to do high intensity workouts for my stomach.

I workout 6 days a week, I do chest with legs, biceps with triceps, and wings with shoulders.

I take about 1 n half hours, plus after 1 n half hours I do my abdominal exercises. So I want a very good schedule including high intensity abs workouts and strength exercises. I want a very good muscular body, with 6 pack abs.

Current supplements: Labreda v60 (60 grams of protein per serving)

Help me by giving me the best schedule. Best workout plan. Which includes strength training and high intensity workout(abs).

Can we workout for more than 1 hour n 45 mins.. Please elaborate.. And I have heard we should not do high intensity workouts every day. So give me a plan in which I can do hiit twice or thrice a week with strength training (6 days a week)

My diet also isn't very good, as I said I have a little bit of belly fat, do u recommend me to eat high protein food or high carb and protein food? And if u can do let me know few food or if u could help me with recipes. Thanks.

Answer: The reason why you aren't getting results is because you are working out too long, and too often.

6 days a week for weight training is way more than what's required to build muscle.

You don't grow while in the gym, you grow when you are resting.

Workout every other day with weights at the very most. 30 to 45 min is all that is needed.

Do cardio on the days you are not weight lifting.

20 to 30 minutes is all that's required for cardio.

For a really good workout program, look over to the left where it says "4 week program."

If you sign up for that (which it's 100% free) you'll get a brand new workout sent to your email once a week. That is literally your best option.

For nutrition, don't make it too complicated.

Eat whole nutritious foods high in lean protein for muscle building, carbohydrates for sustainable energy, and healthy fats sources.

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