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Jay Cutler Bodybuilding

Jay Cutler Bodybuilding Profile:

Name: Jason Isaac Cutler

Age: Born on August 3, 1973

Height: 5'9"

Weight: Ranges between 250 - 290

City: Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Titles: 4 going on 5

Jay Cutler's Favorite Supplements

Some of Jay Cutler's favorite supplements used before competitions:

Iss Diurlean
Iss Zentrope
Multi vitamin

Jay Cutler Bodybuilding
Workout Advice:

Exercise Tip For Standing Barbell Presses:

Always use a medium grip on the bar, use controlled strict form, and position your head so that you're looking up during each rep.

Lat pull-down: This is an exercise used by Jay. It's often used with momentum, but when you slow the exercise down, it can be a powerful lat developer.

Squats: A lot of people use sloppy form. Keep your chest and head up. Push with your legs, not with your lower back.

Burn Out Reps: Jay cutler is big on burning the muscles... Forcing the muscles to their absolute limit. "Get the blood flowing."

1 Exercise To The Next: During some of Jay cutlers workouts, he often moves from 1 exercise to the next, with very little breaks in between.

T-Bar Row: This is an exercise that can really strain the lower back when you're using heavy weight. Try standing more straight with a slight bend in the knee.

Deadlifts: Best when done off the rack, because it will put more attention on the back and less on the glutes. Use a medium grip for deadlifts, and pull by using the back muscles rather than the glutes.

Bench Press:
-"I find it best to keep my back arched."

Jay Cutler's workout is preplanned each day. Meaning, he doesn't necessarily stick with the same workout routine each time. "I go by FEEL" - Jay Cutler

Back Training:

"I have 2 different Back days, where 1 day I focus a lot on rowing exercises, and the next Back workout I focus more on pull-ups and pull-downs.. What I call "width exercises" and the rowing would be more for thickness." - Jay Cutler

"I almost always start with reverse pull downs on back day." - Jay Cutler

"A strong Back, and a set of strong legs, wins bodybuilding competitions... everyone knows that!" - Jay cutler

Any exercise that has me leaning over, I wear a belt. If my lower back is in a vulnerable position, I always wear a belt" - Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler Workout (Strategy)

The typical reps, sets, and warmups are as followed:

1 warm up set
4 regular sets
10-12 reps (aims for 10)
1 minutes rests

Style of training: Explosive training.

Jay sometimes trains back and legs twice a week.

Uses wrist straps and back strap.

Goes for the pump. Likes variety.

How often he trains each week changes. Go for the feel.

"My workouts are always changing, whatever needs work, is what I end up focusing on more."

Some of Jay Cutler's Preferred Exercises:


Incline hammer press

Flat dumbbell fly

Flat dumbbell press

Pec dec

Pull overs

4 sets each, 10-12 reps


4 sets, 10-12 reps each

Seated side laterals

Dumbbell shoulder press

Front barbell raises standing

Icarian side raise standing machine

Rear delt fly machine

Reverse cable flyes


Dumbbell shrug

Upright raises barbell

Legs: (Afternoon)

Lying leg curls

Seated leg curls

One legged curls 10 reps


Inverted leg press

Hack squats

Free bar squats




Pull ups

Pulldowns wide to the front

Bent bar rows

T bar rows

1 arm dumbbell rows

Seated cable row


Preacher curls

one arm dumbbell hammer curls

2 arm overhead cable

Isolation curls

Barbell curls

One arm concentration curl dumbbell

Triceps: 4 sets, 10-12 reps

Rope pressdown

Wide grip pressdowns

Close grip bench

Bodyweight dips

Overhead cambered bar extensions

Jay Cutler Meals

Post workout meals:
Jay cutler aims for 250 to 300 grams of carbs, for his post workout recovery meal. He also uses a protein shake that usually contains at least 40 grams of protein.

Jay Cutler Bodybuilding daily food intake:
(This varies day by day, but this is what he generally eats)

2:00 Am - Protein shake 40-50 grams
6:00 Am - Protein shake 40-50 grams

(Between meals, Jay Cutler drinks 1 protein Shake)

8:00 Am - 10 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, Ezekiel bread, and cereal (sometimes oatmeal). Bottle of water.

(Between meals, Jay Cutler drinks 1 protein Shake)

11:00 Am -10 oz Steak (65 grams of protein) and 2 cups of rice (100 grams of carbohydrates).

(Between meals, Jay Cutler drinks 1 protein Shake)

2:00 Pm - 10 oz chicken breast, 2 cups of rice.

(Between meals, Jay Cutler drinks 1 protein Shake)

4:30 Pm - Post workout

7:00 Pm - 1 lb Fish, 12 oz yams

Jay Cutler favorite "cheat food"
Sweats - Carrot cake
Salty foods - Burgers

What Does It Take To Become Mr. Olympia?

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