Lacking Protein Sources

by Piyush Tikiya
(New Delhi, Delhi, India)

Question: How to get big muscular arms & thighs, when lacking protein sources?

I'm 22, 70 kg, height 5"9. My workout routine is:
Mon: arms
Tues: chest
Wed: back & shoulder
Thur: thigh & calves
Fri: repeat cycle or rest..

I'm not able to afford whey supplement every time. Yes u can say once in 4 months...

Can't eat animal protein also, but I eat eggs in 4 days except tues, thurs, sat... How can I build muscles, is this possible?

One more thing... What beans to include? Kidney beans or normal beans...

Answer: So it looks like you're wanting to build muscle, but you have limited protein choices to do so... Here's what to do:

Eating eggs is a fine choice for obtaining protein, so you've got that covered.

Another option that you have is mixing beans with rice. You can use any kind of bean.

You can't afford whey protein. That's really not a problem. Continue eating grains, legumes, beans, and you'll be fine.

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