Top Leg Exercises

Leg exercises. Exercises for the thigh muscles, hamstring muscle, calf muscle. Leg workout for the leg muscles.

We included the top exercises for legs used by bodybuilders and other athletes. Scroll down the page, and check each exercise out!


Builds mass to the legs. Squats are great for mass building. Squats are said to be the king of all leg exercises.

Front squats

Works the thighs. An alternative way to do the squat, is to do front squats. This particular version of the squat focuses more on the front part of the leg muscles.

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Leg presses

Builds mass in the thighs. A machine leg exercise that puts most of its emphasis on the leg muscles and less on the lower back.

Hack squat

Works the lower area of the thigh just above the knee cap.


Works the front of the thigh and glutes. This can be an awkward exercise when doing it for the first time because of its requirement for stabilization and balance, but this is a very effective leg exercise once you get used to it.

Leg extensions

To shape and define the thigh. Leg extensions are considered a leg isolation exercise, and is used to really shape the leg muscles.

Leg curls

To develop the hamstrings. The hamstring muscle is the muscle right behind the leg, also known as the "leg bicep." Again this is another leg isolation exercise.

Straight leg deadlift

Works hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. An effective leg exercise, but works the lower back to a great degree.

Calve Exercises

Standing calf raises

Builds mass to the calves - Standing calf raises are an exceptional exercise for your calves. You can do standing calf raises with or without weight equipment.

Seated calf raises

Develops the lower and outer areas of the calves. Seated calf raises aren't as popular as the other calve exercises, but can be included to give your calves a little variety.

Donkey calf raises

Will develop extra thickness to the back of the calves.

One leg calf raises

Isolates each set of calf muscles. You can do this exercise with or without weight. This can be a very effective body weight exercise for the legs.

The best leg exercises are:

1. For the calves, standing calf raises.
2. For mass to the entire leg muscles, squats!
3. For the front of the legs, leg extensions.
4. For the back of the legs, deadlifts, squats, leg curls.

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