Lifting for 16 years

by LVit
(New York, NY)


Ive been lifting for 16 years and I continue to get stronger however my body size is the same even though I'm lifting more weight. Is there a point your muscles wont grow anymore no matter how much more you can lift?

There's a point when the body simply 'adapts' to the stress load. If you are using the same technique of adding more and more weight to your lifts as a solution to getting bigger, than the body will catch on and resist.

Lifting more and more weight will not determine your genetic potential of getting bigger. You will have to use different weight lifting techniques and challenge your body in an entirely new way to determine your own genetic potential.

Cycle your routines:

For a couple weeks use rep ranges between 6 and 8.

For a couple weeks do higher rep ranges of 10 and 12.

For a couple weeks try doing super sets.

For a couple weeks introduce new exercises, pair different body parts together, change the order in which you do the exercises in, etc.

The body responds to change, and in those changes, you must introduce new challenges to reach new levels of fitness.

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