Why Your Love Handles Show No Love

Do you have love handles? Trying to lose the love handles is a tricky task, but if you begin to understand the body, you can melt the fat! Tighten the skin! Build the Muscle!

Losing love handles. The constant battle. Seems as if you workout hard, but there's still excess skin on the sides that you can't seem to get rid of!

So let me guess, you begin lowering your calories more and more, because YOU think that if you eat less, and start moving more, that this little trick has to eventually work? Right? Wrong!

So what do you end up doing?

So you start moving more, and more and more, and eat less and less and less... What does the body do? It will cannibalize its muscle until you you have hardly any muscle tissue. Then you start looking skinny, but really flabby.

You see it all the time, don't you? The skinny flabby guy or gal that keeps running and running, and gets to a point where they don't even eat anymore, they practically just sniff food... That's not a fun world kids!

Solution time!

It's a combination of selecting the right forms of fuel, AKA food, AKA energy.

1. High protein

No, not hot dogs. And no, not cheese burger's. We're talkin LEAN protein sources. For meat: fish, chick, seafood. Other protein sources: Whey, eggs, beans, legumes, soy.

2. Carbs

No not doughnuts, and not Little Debbie... I don't care how bad you want her in your life.... Yes these are carbs, but we are not talking about high sugar carbs out of the box. We're talking fresh fruit, and vegetable, whole grains!

3. Fat

No not KFC grease... You want healthy fat sources: Olive oil, coconut oil, flax oil, fish oil...

Now imagine if you combined all these food guidelines into every single meal?

You won't get fat if you eat the right kinds of foods, and continue working out. The one reason why you can't lose your love handles is because:

You aren't eating enough, you aren't eating the right kinds of foods, and you are over working the body and not providing it enough fuel! Bingo! That's probably it!

Wanna get rid of those love handles?

Don't starve your body in an attempt to shed fat. It doesn't work.

Do weight training, and cardio... "Why?" you ask... Because then your body will better utilize the food you eat to create muscle tissue, and burn fat simultaneously.

So, why is it that you workout, and you still have love handles?

Do you keep dropping your calories, and then increase the volume of your workouts? Bad move... The body will eventually say "I'm not doing it anymore." The body will begin to resist.

Take home lesson is this...

It's not about dropping the calories. You can still eat, don't starve yourself.

What it is about? It's about eating the right foods, and increasing exercise. Increase exercise, WITHOUT decreasing food intake.

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