Low Carb Cutting Cycle

Question: I was told to eat cutting cycle meals with a minimum of 0 fat and minimum carbs but high protein and it is to be eaten 6 times a day? What are ideal meals for a cutting cycle and how often should these meals be eaten?

If you ate this way, you would lose muscle fullness. Meaning, you would not maintain your muscle size very well. The muscles would look flat. I am not a fan of low carb meals.

Yes it's always a good idea to get your protein, preferably somewhere around 1 gram for every 1 pound of body weight.

When you want to start cutting, all you have to do is increase your cardio, try to maintain the same amount of weight you are lifting, and reduce over-all calories... But definitely keep your protein high.

Whatever your maintenance calorie range is per day, reduce that number by 500 to create a calorie deficit.

People get on these cutting phases, and completely starve the muscles. You have to feed the muscle in order to grow. By doing this, you also lose body fat, because the more muscle you have the more fat you burn naturally.

The meals you choose should be whole unprocessed foods.

"What are ideal meals for a cutting cycle and how often should these meals be eaten?"

An example breakfast could be some oatmeal, an apple, and a protein shake.

Lunch could be a salad, maybe some chicken...

You should eat every 2 to 3 hours.

Don't worry about reducing carbohydrates... It's about getting the right nutrition in your body to help recover and build.

Lower your over all calories, and increase cardio... this will help you lose body fat the easy way.

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