Making the abs visible

by Amanda


How long have you been working out?: 6 months or less

Bodytype?: I gain weight easily

Fitness Goal?: Build Muscle

I was just wondering if it was possible for someone to never be able to get their abs to show. Every time I look for an answer, everyone just says lower your body fat. But currently, mine is around 14%. I'm 102 pounds, 23 years old (woman). I was around 90 pounds about a year ago, but still had belly fat. I don't want to be grossly skinny, but I want abs. All my fat goes to my stomach. Could it be that it's just impossible for me?

It's definitely not impossible. Here's a couple things to consider.

1. Be sure to get plenty of sleep at night.
Sleep deprivation causes stress on the body. Stress raises Cortisol levels, and Cortisol could partially be responsible for some of your belly fat. Get plenty of sleep, lower mental stress levels, eat healthy, and exercise often.

2. Drink plenty of water.
What appears to be belly fat may in fact just be water retention. Drinking more water can help your body flush retaining water out.

3. Consume less sugar and sodium. Get rid of all refined carbohydrates and replace them with whole unprocessed carbohydrates.

4. Consider adding coconut oil to your diet. It's a healthy fat that can help boost your metabolism along with several other healthy effects.

Give this a try and see what happens. If this doesn't work, we'll try something else.

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