mass gain and toning mass gains

by pep
(new jersey)


I'm an Amateur Bodybuilder. I was wondering after a few months of heavy lifting with short reps, and higher weight, should I try and tone the muscle I have now with high reps, less weight?

That all depends on what you consider short reps and high reps.

How many reps do you average per set for heavy weight lifting?

If you're maxing out on every set, you're not going to build muscle very effectively. So doing heavy weight training for a few months is way too much.

You can stick to around 8 to 12 reps year round. That's a pretty good balance you can stick with. This would be a muscle building rep range that won't hurt your joints.

To tone, or to see the muscles MORE, all you have to do is add more cardio to lose body fat.

Heavy weight lifting, where you're doing 5 reps a set, is something you really don't have to use often unless you're wanting to test your max.

Switch up your workout routines every few weeks. There are many ways to do this... Go to the muscle building section and the workout routines section for tips on this.

8 to 12 reps is a good muscle building range.

When trying to tone or lose body fat, just add cardio.

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