Mixing Power Lifting and Bodybuilding

by youssef

Question: Mixing Power Lifting and Bodybuilding...

Is it ok to workout certain muscles by power building and others by body building?

That issues, of course, the sets and the reps...

For example, train bench, by power building, which is according to my knowledge 3-5 reps, while training body building for example, for shoulders 6-12 reps according to my knowledge.

-another question is that I am a little skinny, (age:20 , height :180cm, weight :65 kg), but I have a good body form and I go to the gym or do my home workouts based on increasing my power and getting to lift heavier weights, so is power building suitable for me?

(please regard that I'm staying away from any powders or proteins and I want to build power 100% naturally).

I already know skinny people who lift very heavy weights but I want to take a shortcut to reach their level.

Answer: Okay, so you are wanting to know if you can mix in low repetitions with higher repetitions...

You regard lower repetitions as power training, and you regard higher reps as more of a bodybuilding style of training...

You are wanting to know if you can combine both styles of training all into one workout...

The answer to that is yes.

Your second question is:

"Is power building suitable for me?"

Yes, power lifting can be used occasionally.

It's a good idea to mix in a variety of workouts. Execute your workouts differently every few weeks.

If you do decide to workout with heavy weights right at the beginning of your workouts, make sure that you warm up first, to prevent injuries.

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