Even More Muscle Tips!

More Muscle Tips! Lots of tips on things to do, and things not to do for your body building results.

On this page, we'll list a few common mistakes, and a few different things to keep in mind, to help you achieve results even faster.

Don't get stuck on the same routine.

There are lots of ways to build a workout routine, so don't ever get stuck in only one routine. If you aren't mentally satisfied with your routine, you will not get the muscle building benefits out of your workout. You get what you put in.

Be careful on who's advice you're taking.

It's easy to start asking everyone around us for advice. But please make sure the person who is giving you advice is credible. The second you start asking for advice from anyone and everyone, will be the day you will become even more confused because of the mixed responses. So... Be selective on where and who you get your bodybuilding information from.

When trying to build muscle, MORE isn't always better.

Meaning, if you're going for size, please don't feel that you must increase how long you spend in the gym. To be perfectly honest with you, the guys who spend hours a day in the gym, day in and day out, are either walking in circles, or are on steroids.

For the natural bodybuilder looking for muscle mass, it's crucial to let-your-muscles-rest.... You must take days off. Do not spend longer than an hour in the gym. Workout very intense, stay focused. Get in, get out.

Say no to junk food! Put the right things in your body.

What does this mean exactly? Does this mean that you cannot enjoy your food, and have to live like a cave man? NO.

What this means is that you should be eating foods that are rich in nutrients, and supply your body with all of the things that it is meant to have.

This isn't some modern day trend. This is a natural eating habit that human history has been subjected to, much longer than the modern day packaged food "Eat a Twinkie for breakfast" culture.

If you want to build muscle, you have to provide the environment for that growth.

Do not expect supplementation to do the work for you.

Supplements can be useful, but without the right mindset, and training regimen, supplements will be useless.

Put in the time and work, then... add supplements to assist you.

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