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Muscle and Fitness Tips. Breaking it all down. Easy to understand muscle fitness information for people of all ages. Secrets to natural bodybuilding and fitness - There are none.

There are no secrets to natural bodybuilding and physical fitness development, and there are no shortcuts..

It takes time, patients, dedication, and the will to learn...If you do not have this, you will not get results. Period.

Here we will attempt to give a summary for the approach each individual person should take, whether your goal is to gain weight, lose weight, shape your muscles, etc...

Beginner weight training, is usually a person who has only been lifting for a few months. If this is you, please use the beginner routines, so that your muscles can get used to the whole muscle building process.

Usually this involves doing the whole entire body, or just a couple different muscle groups using only one or two exercises for each body part.

Intermediate. This is referring to a person who has been lifting for about a year. Your experience with weight lifting should allow you to experiment with SOME advanced routines to intensify your workouts.

Advanced. This is referring to anyone who has been lifting longer than a year. You'll need very intense training to keep your muscles continuously growing and building.

Usually involving one to three muscle groups in each workout, and fully isolating each muscle group from different angles using about 3 to 5 exercises for each muscle group, in each workout.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, it's best to weight lift every other day for all muscle and fitness goals.

This is the safest, most effective way to build muscle, or lose fat, while also focusing on the health of the entire body, beyond the physical appearance.

Question: Then what's the need to have separate routines for experience levels if everyone is taking the same basic approach by working out every other day?

Answer: The intensity and isolation for individual muscle groups will intensify, and your options for training WILL be much more open based on how long you've been lifting weights. That's the difference.

Workout every other day with weights, for 60 minutes, whether your goal is to lose fat, build muscle, gain weight, it doesn't matter.. Every other day.

For fat loss. Train with weights based on your experience level, and try adding Cardio on the days that you aren't weight lifting. More Cardio, more fat loss. Follow these basic steps, and you cannot go wrong.

To gain weight Train with weights based on your experience level. Reduce cardio. Eat more. Actually eat a lot more. The weight gain will come, but not at the snap of a finger. Just because you woke up one day and decided that you want your body to be HUGE, doesn't mean the body will agree. It will take time.

The page on body types is just an elaborated version of what we're explaining here.

Before deciding on the effectiveness of the strategies found on this site, answer the following:
How many pages have you read?
How much of the information have you actually applied?
How long have you been using the information on this site?

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