Muscle Building Plan
Good Form Means Everything!

Here's a muscle building plan that will help you even further. To build muscle, good form is very important. Don't forget this no matter what other people tell you. Lifting too much weight can sacrifice good form.

How will you know if you are lifting too much weight?

Well let's first focus on your goal. If you are here to build muscle mass, build muscle definition, and just look good over all... this is for you.

If you are lifting the weight, and do not feel it in the muscle that you are wanting to work, well then you are using too much weight, it's that simple.

For example, let's say you do a bench press exercise... and let's say you pile on a bunch of weight that you can only get about 6 reps out of. In this case, you really have to force the weight up... Well here's what you'll be working... 25% of your shoulders, 25% of your triceps, 25% of your chest, and about 25% of your back. (Obviously this is an estimation).

Now this was supposed to be a chest exercise, remember? But you only got a 25% chest workout out of the deal, because you put too much weight on the bar.

What should you do?

Take some weight off, use better controlled form, and try for a rep range of about 10... If you do that... the 25% chest workout will now turn into a number much closer to 100. The goal was to work your chest, but you cheated yourself by using other muscles to force the weight up.

Simply take some weight off, and really isolate the muscle you intended to workout. Do this for all muscle groups, then all your muscle groups will be getting a 100% workout and will individually grow and protrude out of the body to give yourself that sculpted bodybuilder physique. You wanted to be muscular and define, right?

Lower reps are okay to use very sparingly, but 80% of your workouts should be focused on a rep range anywhere between 8 and 12 reps for your first set. Anything lower than 8 reps is a waste of time for building quality muscle mass and definition.

Some people go lower than 8 reps a majority of the time and do fine, but some people also smoke and drink everyday of their life and live to be 90. It can be done, but it's very rare and not recommended...

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