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Getting Started

Throughout this site we've talked to you about the concept of using moderate weight, and sticking to the 10 rep range for your first set. This can be adjusted slightly up or down. The point remains... Lower repetitions between 8 - 12 are great for building muscle.

For some, the 10 rep range may seem too high. It's not written in stone to follow this exactly; it's just a simple muscle building guide to help you get started. On certain days, you may feel that you want to do more or less reps... so, do it.

Your muscle building routine can be created using so many different methods. But it's good to have a place to start. As you evolve in your muscle building training, you will instinctively know what to do and what works best for you over time.

Do not feel that you have to lift a certain amount weight, or that you have to take and spend your money on certain supplements, or that you have to follow a specific routine in order to build results, or that you have to buy someones book to get an inside look of "secrets" to muscle building. There are no secrets to bodybuilding.

So, here are some muscle building workout routines.

Try them out. If you don't like any of them, use the free workout routine tool, and build your own.

The concepts, the tips, the workout routines, are free. We do not charge you. The goal is to empower you, and help the average Joe build the physique he or she wants. If these tips don't resonate well for you, remember it's your choice to read it and apply it. Do so at your own free will.

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