Muscle Building Supplements For a 14 Year Old

by miguel
(Waco Texas)


Muscle Building Supplements For a 14 Year Old
im 5"5 14 years old 132lbs my goal is to get bigger and i tought about taking creatine but my parents are worried about side effects and that im too young to take it so are there any safe supplements that will help a 14 year old boy get bigger?

Your parents are right, creatine at your age would not be a good idea. You would benefit much more by not taking it.

Top supplements for a 14 year old would be:


A regular Multi-Vitamin



Whey protein

Egg protein

Soy protein

Vitamin C

Vitamin D-3

Essential Enzymes

This might sound like a broken record, but the thing you want the most is healthy food. That alone will help you out a lot. If you were to workout and eat nutritious foods, that will help you build stronger muscles than all the supplements combined, because healthy food has everything that it takes to heal, repair, and help you build.

After each workout, put healthy foods back into your body so that it can repair and build stronger muscles.

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