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Muscle Building Tips 

Build muscle fast with these muscle building tips. Learn how to build muscle as we go through a list of key suggestions and strategies for gaining muscle mass.

Read through these tips, and learn different strategies for either building muscle as a beginner, or maximizing muscle potential for a person who's been doing this for years. Either way, make sure to apply these tips to really accelerate your growth.

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Muscle building tip #1 Know your body type.

Don't over look this. You'll find that many personal trainers are giving advice on how to build muscle and lose fat based on what works with THEM personally.

But the truth is, different body types require different strategies for building muscle.

For example: A weight training program for an Endomorph would put an Ectomorph into a position of over training..

Not only will the weight training differ, but the calorie intake will be different as well.

So, understand what body type you are, and build muscle according to that type.

For a guy that's looking to gain weight, it is NOT advised to spend long hours in the gym. If you do, all you're doing is losing more and more mass....

Know your body type, and you'll understand how to approach your Muscle Building Workout Routine.

Muscle building tip #2 Protein

Don't overly dwell on protein! Yes it is needed. But to build muscle, it takes weight training to accomplish the growth.

Complete Proteins are very important, but it's not the only factor for gaining muscle mass, it's one ingredient of many...

You'll build muscle just fine by consuming 1 gram of protein for every 2 pounds of body weight. Some people like to take in more, and that's fine.

Don't be overly burdened or concerned by "how much." Your concern should be focused on smart training... For more information on nutrition, don't miss this page on muscle building nutrition tips.

Muscle building tip #3 Steroids

You do not need steroids to build muscle.

There's a difference of mentality that helps achieve really good results.

On one hand, you have the guy who wants to build huge muscles but doesn't want to wait for it, and doesn't truly appreciate the art of building.

On the other hand, you have the guy who loves the feeling of "pumping iron" and gets a real rush of satisfaction each and every time he or she enters the gym...

The person who enjoys their training, is going to be the person who builds quality muscle the fastest.

The one way to achieve real good results without roids, is to love the workout. That mentality builds muscle!

Muscle building tip #4 Make goals

You've heard it a thousand times, but it needs to be repeated. Make goals!

Everything that has ever been built, including a physique, has been done, piece by piece. Bodybuilding is no exception...

Make a goal to achieve one thing at a time, and you'll see how your body will transform through patience and dedication.

Everyone wants to sell you a magical potion, but the only thing that's increased is THEIR bank account. What about you?

Make small goals..
This week, I'd really like to slim down in the waist.
This week I'd like to create more of a deeper line in the chest.
This week I'd like to get my shoulders to widen a little more......

Make goals!

Muscle building tip #5 Information Overload

Find a valuable source and stick with it.
Get your information from someone you trust.
Don't just listen to everyone who has an opinion on building muscle.
Listen to your instincts on who to get your muscle information from.

You will know the difference between someone who wants to help you, and someone who just wants your money.

Digest your information slowly, there's a lot to take in.

Information overload happens when you jump around from person to person, and each one of these people contradict the next individual who has an opinion.

The best solution for this, is to simply shut the noise down by sticking with a valuable source that you get a good feeling from.

Muscle building tip #6 Write it down

One thing that will help you achieve great progress, is to write down what you did in your workout routines, and how much you were lifting.

Consider this a bodybuilding journal to show you where you're at, and what you've done.

When you write down your routines, you'll be able to recall what you did, and you may even want to re-use that routine later when you feel bored with your current set up.

Muscle building tip #7 Keep it changing

This is a really important tip.

Periodically, you'll go through phases where your routines will feel incredibly boring or just completely unproductive.

The way to conquer this, is to just completely re-arrange your set up, and do something completely different.

Follow a well known workout technique called Muscle Confusion to learn a few more tricks on how to build muscle.

Sometimes you just have to throw away what's written down, if it isn't satisfying you mentally.

Remember, building muscle is more mental than anything else...

Change your routine every few weeks.
For some of you, that may be too often.

Productivity and success will occur from those who enjoy what they do.

Muscle building tip #8 Need energy?

Ahhh... Nothing wrong with a cup of coffee, or green tea, to really boost your energy before a workout.

Sometimes we're just running on empty, and we need something to pick us up a little; have some coffee.

Having energy before training will surely make your workouts much more enjoyable.

Muscle tip #9 Carb Phobia

When you are trying to build muscle, do not eliminate carbohydrates from your diet.
Let's set the record straight here. You cannot build good muscle without carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are essential to a person looking to build mass.

Carbohydrates provide your muscle with energy, and is also the main component that gives your muscles that "full" appearance that bodybuilders tend to strive for.

The thing you have to watch for, is taking in the right kinds of carbohydrates, which is pretty simple actually.

Just make sure that the carbs you eat, come in the form of whole unprocessed foods, such as.. Fruits, Vegetables, Wholes grains, Legumes...

If you didn't incorporate these kinds of foods in your diet, then you'd be stuck eating Twinkies and drinking pop...

You can't build muscle like that, however, you can sure build a nice size gut, so... Eat intelligently.

For someone trying to build muscle, whole unprocessed carbs, ARE YOUR FRIEND.

Muscle tip #10 Bodybuilding Myths

There are a few myths out there that can be avoided now to better help you in the long run.

It's recommend to check out the page on bodybuilding myths , to set yourself on the right path.

Bonus muscle building tip.

Unfortunately, these particular comments may not be too popular for the typical mind sets that ONLY try to sell product in the health and fitness industry. Oh well, this is for the people.

What to look for in a bodybuilding site.

If you stumble across a site that immediately throws a sales pitch in your face before they supply you with real information that can help you, or empower YOU, beware.

Never ever buy a product just because that particular site hypes it up. Always do research before you trust peoples opinions.

Remember: The internet has become a playground where people just sell you stuff. Just because a particular product is catering to bodybuilders, doesn't mean that it actually works.

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