Muscle Buzz! What's Going On In Our Little World Of Fitness?

Muscle Buzz - Controversial topics, latest trends, news, reviews, rants. Muscle building articles and bodybuilding news! Everything you can imagine about bodybuilding, working out, supplements, equipment, reviews, can all be found right here!

We created this page here, to just basically talk to you.. no hype, no BS... We tell you what we're thinking, and what new things we've discovered.

We call this "Muscle Buzz." A discussion area, new bodybuilding tips, fitness news... Everything in one. It's like our way of just saying what's on our mind; The good, the bad, the ugly... And just giving you up to date information on various topics!

Stay up to date with You just never know what we'll talk about here, and what buttons we'll push!

So What's The Latest Buzz?

Heavy Weight Lifting Sacrificing good form to look stronger in the gym, but no one is watching anymore.

Weight Training Systems Home gym workout gear. We'll give you a review on home gyms and workout gear right here! Our unbiased 'quick' review.

Recovery Tips Some useful nutrition tips, but not JUST because we wrote it...

Why Your Love Handles Show No Love Those love handles have a mind of their own. What to do to get rid of extra body fat.

Workout Goals and Motivation Setting goals for bodybuilding success. It's such a simple concept, yet very few adopt this no-brainer.

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