How To Gain Muscle Mass

The Muscle Confusion Strategy For Ultimate Gains

What is muscle confusion? Learn the fastest way to build muscle and avoid a bodybuilding plateau by gaining free information from our muscle guide. Let the bodybuilding transformation begin!

Muscle Confusion means to switch up your routines constantly.

Whether you're into natural bodybuilding or power lifting, the fastest way to build muscle and avoid a bodybuilding plateau, is to switch up your workout routines constantly. Some call this method "Muscle Confusion."

Your bodybuilding efforts will be rewarded if you're able to continue working out using routines that satisfy you mentally. Sometimes you may have to cycle different routines.

All too often, you'll see several workout routines on the internet that claim to be the best workout routine for you.

This can make things quite confusing, considering the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of routines to choose from online.

The truth is, all of the routines that you hear and read about, CAN work... But never should ever stick with only one approach.

Your bodybuilding transformation will require you to change your workouts constantly!

So it's more than likely that you'll benefit from a large spectrum of ideas to incorporate in your training. Experiment and try different things until you stumble across something that feels just right for you.

Muscle confusion boils down to this...

Completely change your workouts every few weeks.

However, if you're completely comfortable with what you're doing right now, then simply stick with it for a little while longer.

Your body is brilliant at adapting.

When you do a workout routine for too long (longer than 4 weeks), your body will eventually adapt to the stress from that particular workout program, and will eventually resist any muscle growth, then lead to a bodybuilding plateau.

The way to defeat this, is to change how you're working out by...

Changing the order of movements.
Doing more or less reps.
Workout more often.
Workout less often.
Change the amount of sets per movement.
Completely change which exercises you're doing.
Add weight.
Lighten the weight and move the bar slower.
Pair different body parts together every few weeks.

Incorporate any or all of these bodybuilding techniques as you wish.

The lesson to be learned here, is that there are a multitude of different bodybuilding strategies to use for changing things up.

Muscle confusion does not mean for you to be CONFUSED!

Change your bodybuilding program or routine every few weeks.
You must enjoy your routine, or it won't work.

Build routines according to what you enjoy.

There is no wrong way to build a bodybuilding workout routine as long as you follow the basic principles... Luckily the basics are covered all over this site so you will never have a hard time finding anything.

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