Muscle Contraction
Good Form Means Everything

Good form for better muscle contraction! Bodybuilding workout guide! Tips on proper form.

The proper form is everything for the natural bodybuilder.

It's recommend that you really focus on the intended muscle, each and every time you execute any bodybuilding workout movement.

It's easy to lose focus on the muscle contraction during your workout movement, so be sure that when you pick up your dumbbell or barbell, that you fully concentrate and engage the muscle you're intending to work to the fullest, in order to shape your muscle, and grow bigger.

No need to count how long it takes to move the weight upward, then back down again. Just focus on the muscle, and use controlled form. Don't jerk the weight around, and don't use momentum to power the weight up.

If you are doing a movement, and are not feeling it where you want to be feeling it, then simply lighten the weight a little, go a little slower, and really concentrate.

When you fully engage the muscle, you can expect to achieve faster muscle building results. And this is why we're emphasizing this so much.

Don't just swing the weight around for the sake of moving the weight around. You get what you put in...

If it takes using lighter weight to fully stimulate the muscle you're attempting to work, so be it.

If you go to the gym, and look around, most GUYS are using way too much weight!

Most of them are trying to sculpt their bodies like professional bodybuilders, but are actually lifting weights like power lifters.

Have you ever seen a power lifter?

They look nothing like a bodybuilder.

To look like a natural bodybuilder, you have to train like one.

And to train like a bodybuilder, you have to isolate individual muscles to get the appearance of a chiseled, striated, muscular frame. Otherwise you'll look like a mound of mass, with no separation in each muscle group.

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