Muscle Growth Stories

Bodybuilding Success Stories and Tips From Other Users

Share your muscle growth stories and read what has worked for others! What is the secret ingredient to your bodybuilding success? Share tips, ask questions, and learn from this bodybuilding community!

Share your bodybuilding success stories with others!

What has worked well to help you build muscle? What has not worked so well?

There's nothing better than sharing personal experiences with other people, and learning from each other.

There might be something you have to offer, that no one has ever heard of!

So many people will greatly appreciate hearing about your personal bodybuilding success story, and may even pick up a few pointers.

It's easy to do, it takes only minutes, and hey... You create your own bodybuilding page on How2MuscleGuide! Why not jump in and tell people what you've done to help you get your results!

Need some topics to write about?

Talk about...

How has how2muscleguide helped you in your bodybuilding transformation?

You could share with people what supplements you've tried; what works, what doesn't?

What workouts have you used that you really like?

What things have you picked up on that you don't think others have ever heard of?

Maybe you still are NOT seeing results... well then tell people what you are doing, and you may receive suggestions from others...

Share your muscle growth stories with other people and compare notes, comment on posts, or even ask each other questions!

Get started:

Give your story a title, then just start writing! You DO NOT have to fill everything in. Fill in as much detail as you want, and then just skip the rest.

What has worked well for you?
What has not worked so well?

Do you have a story? Share it!

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Muscular Growth Basics 
Weight training basics. My approach to weight lifting made easy. Pick a weight you can comfortably lift and just feel it out. Don't worry about reps …

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