Muscle Soreness

Question: I have a question regarding muscle soreness. I would like to give an example that will transition to my question.

When I do my training, I do 3 weeks on and 1 week recovery. When I come back to my training, every body part will get soar for at least a couple of days except my shoulders.

I have nice shoulders that compliment my arms and body which obviously means I have been training them correctly, but I just do not understand why they just don't get soar.

The funny thing is that I would be off of training for a week then do shoulders with heavy weight and all, and they have been thoroughly worked but maybe the next day there will be a slight soreness but nothing like the rest of my body when it is trained. The question is why is this so??

Also, does this mean that if I am doing strenuous training and I am not getting all that soar, does this mean that the body is still growing?

Also, since we're on this topic, if I am doing a 40 minute interval training session with full intensity but don't sweat all that much, and my heart rate is high, does this mean I am still burning calories?


It could be that your shoulders are strong and can handle the workload quite well. You could challenge yourself more, and see what that does.

The lack of muscle soreness does not mean you are not growing. It just means that the muscle has adapted. Adaptation is good, but it's a signal to increase intensity to further your growth and development, so that the muscles can begin to adapt to a greater demand.

For your second question, yes, you are still burning calories even though you aren't sweating.

Some people sweat profusely during cardio sessions, while others do not.

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