Muscle Training Guide - Muscle Building Tips For Different Training Styles

The muscle training guide will show you the effects of different training styles. Your results are defined by the training you choose.

Do you have a specific goal in mind? Use this muscle training guide to show you how to execute your workout routines effectively, giving you the best muscle building results possible.

Squats. Man doing barbell squats.

Training for muscle - workout enthusiasts
The best approach for building muscle is to train your muscles 3 or 4 times a week. Rep range: about 8 to 12 reps for your first set. Do about 4 exercises for each muscle group. Work each muscle group once in a 7 day period. Do about 4 sets for every exercise.

Training for muscle and burning fat
The best approach would be to train your muscles every other day exactly the way we mentioned above, and add cardio on the days that you aren't weight lifting. Or add cardio at the end of each weight lifting workout.

Training for endurance, stamina, healthy heart
The best approach would be to focus on movements that keep your heart rate up with minimal rests. Cardio done often as possible would be perfect.

Training to gain weight. The Bulky look
The best approach would be to workout using heavier weight with low repetitions. 6 to 8 reps for your first set is low enough. Lower volume training, with high calories and minimal cardio. Working out 30 to 45 minutes. Add lots of compound movements in your workout routine such as, deadlifts, squats, bench presses, shoulder presses.

Training for definition - How to get cut, defined muscles
The only thing different when trying to cut, is lowering your calories slightly from your normal calorie intake, and adding additional cardio to your workouts. The amount of weight that you normally lift should never be lowered. You'll want your muscle to remain full and pumped, to push through your low body fat physique, which is the reason why people look cut.

Training through plateaus - When muscle progress slows down
Add an intensity method to your workout routine or do a single muscle group that you feel you are plateauing at. Only use the muscle building plateau methods when absolutely necessary.

Training for the Natural Bodybuilder
Training volume and intensity will differ according to your experience level and body type. Here are the basics.

A beginner bodybuilder would try to work their whole entire body using 1 exercise for each muscle group. A beginner would attempt to workout every other day, and add cardio whenever needed for added striations or muscle definition.

An advanced bodybuilder would isolate only a few muscle groups in each workout using about 4 different exercises per muscle group.

The muscle building between beginner bodybuilders and advanced bodybuilders really comes down to building a foundation for muscle, or sculpting an already built physique. And the way the two train are different because advanced bodybuilders will require more focus on individual parts, where as a beginner only needs to focus on getting the body to respond to the new muscle building demands.

Training to be an MMA fighter
You'll need extreme levels of cardiovascular conditioning beyond what you would do as a natural bodybuilder. As a bodybuilder, your main concern is to sculpt your physique by isolating your muscles through intense muscular contractions, but as an MMA fighter, your objective goes beyond just appearance, and will be the complete opposite of a muscle builder.

As an MMA fighter, you'll be working out for more hours, more often during the week. Your objective would be conditioning.

Training to build muscle but not get bulky
First, understand that you won't get bulky over night, so you'll be able to watch your progress and stop your training intensity before you get bulky. Just simply train to build muscle, keep watching your progress, and switch to more cardio whenever you feel you're putting on too much muscle mass.

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