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Choosing the right pair of workout gloves for weight lifting is a mandatory first step before entering the gym.

If you have expectations of lifting heavy poundage with minimal wear and tear on the hands and wrists, the best weight lifting gloves should be something you invest in.

This is an over looked necessity that every weight lifter should focus on.

The reason why workout gloves are important, is not to keep those hands looking pretty... No.

The reason why any serious weight lifter would focus on a pair of good sturdy gloves, is because a good pair of weight lifting gloves assures control over the bar, which will help you lift heavier weight, for more repetitions.

What to look for in workout gloves?

The material has to be just right.

They have to be comfortable, and fit properly.

They have to grip onto the bar making sure that you have full control over the motion.

You should be getting air circulation to your hands, so that your hands don't get overly sweaty.

A good pair of gloves will have wrist support.

A good pair of gloves will have cushion support for your palms.

Now, just a regular pair of gloves from your sports and athletic stores is "not going to cut it!"

Any serious weight lifter knows he/she must have a good pair of workout gloves. You're not going to get that at your local stores!

Go beyond an amateur weight lifter, and take on serious weight, by changing the kind of gloves you wear.

With the right pair of gloves, you can:

Increase the weight more frequently. You know what that means right? More gains.

Prevent wrist injuries. An injured hand or wrist means no weight lifting for you. Take the proper precautions.

We have found weight lifting gloves, that do EVERYTHING that we've mentioned above, and they're called...

NewGrip Weight Lifting Gloves

NewGrip gloves are the best weight lifting gloves we've seen.

This New grip, is the perfect addition to weight lifting gloves, because it will help you:

  • Lift more weight.

  • Protect your hands and wrists.

  • Increase grip strength.

  • Increase reps.

  • Improve bar control and rep quality.

  • Will not lose its shape or take on odors as does leather.

  • Adjustable to fit your unique grip style, and hand shape.

    Do you want to start lifting more weight? The choice is yours.

    NewGrip, designed for weightlifters who want an improved grip, and who want to increase the weight, due to sturdy hand and wrist support.

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