One side of body stronger than the other

by Chris


I've noticed that one side of my body seems to be somewhat larger and more toned than the other side. Is there any way to balance the two out??? Thanks.

Hi Chris. It's very common to have one side of the body build what seems to be better muscle building results than the other side. A simple solution to this, would be to continue working out extremely intense. The body will naturally even out as long as you stay consistent.

If there is a specific area that needs more attention, for example, if one bicep appears bigger than the other, what you could do is devote more attention on the specific muscle that is lagging behind. Start concentrating on performing more exercises on the single body part that you feel needs some catching up.

The body will naturally even out, but to speed things up, you can devote more attention to the areas that may be lagging behind.

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