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by breanna

Question: Need personal training advice... I have been working out with a personal trainer at a reputable club now for 6months. I am 5'2, 117lbs and I am looking to lose a few pounds as

well as tighten and tone up.

I pay a considerable amount of money because I don't feel as though i can put a price on my health and being in the best shape I can be in.

I signed a contract for 100 sessions and I am about half way through, though I am seeing very few results.

I have lost 0.5inch to 1 inch on certain areas of my body, my weight has stayed the same but my strength has increased a bit.

I am very frustrated and my trainer keeps telling me that my results will come, I just have a stubborn type of body and that results don't come
over night.

Its very discouraging because I am losing faith in my trainer and don't know what to do. I try and stay up on my nutrition, I work out with him
for 1 hour 3x a week, and do cardio while burning a minimum of 500calories 4x a week.

I am truly frustrated and don't know what to do! I have tried to confront my trainer several times but always get the same answer. HELP! any tips
or suggestions?

I need the following information:

Give me an idea of what you are eating and how often.

What beverages do you consume?

What exercises are you performing? Give me an idea of what your routine looks like.

Provide this information, and I may be able to help make some suggestions.


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Personal Training Advice
by: Dan

The listing below gives you a guide of what your portion control should be, and we will help you by writing every meal, every snack, and every drink down that you should eat, a helpful step-by-step guide.

We work out what vitamins and minerals you are not getting from your diet and help you introduce them slowly to your lifestyle. As we all know it is hard to change your diet the very next day but little chances make a big different and we are here to help you make those chances.

Portion Size
We are always being told to eat more of this and less of that, and it can all get a bit confusing. By now, you probably have an idea of what you should be eating, but do you know how much? Too much of any food can tip the scales the wrong way.

First things first - trust your appetite
If your weight is within the healthy range (a body mass index between 18.5 and 25), you should be able to let your appetite guide how much you eat. If you are hungry - eat. If you are not - do not. The portion guides here are based on an average adult aiming to maintain his or her weight. Recommendations vary for each individual: men need more than women, and bricklayers need more than office workers. So listen to what your tummy tells you, and opt for fruit, vegetables, and wholegrain starchy foods to satisfy your hunger.

Starchy food - Portions per day: six to seven.

Tips: aim to eat something from this group with every meal. Choose the wholegrain option whenever you can. A plate piled with pasta could count as six portions, not one. If this is what you go for, fine - but you will need to bear it in mind when making food choices the rest of the day. Therefore, a day's worth might be: two cups of cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and a couple of handfuls of pasta with dinner.

Meat, fish, nuts and eggs - Portions per day: two; one a week being oily fish

Foods containing fat and sugar
Limit saturated fat (such as butter) and hydrogenated fats (from foods like cakes and biscuits). Instead, eat more mono- and polyunsaturated fats, found in vegetable oils, and opt for low-fat dairy products and lean meat. The body does not need pure sugar from drinks or food, and you should aim to get your calories from foods that are more nutritious.

by: Anonymous

I am eating 5 times a day. I eat no longer than 3 hours in between meals.
I eat greek yogurt, apples, carrots,celery, hummus, grapes, protein bar, handful of nuts and protein and rice for supper. on a typical day
I drink mostly water all day

My trainer had me in burn phase where I did cardio intervals, then would complete a 10circuit routines, followed by 2minute of cardio and 5minutes rest. I would do 3 sets

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