Post Workout Nutrition

Why You MUST Eat After
Your Workout!

You'll have more access to muscle gains, if you know how to include the proper post workout nutrition to your recovery meals. Gain muscle faster by knowing when to time your meals perfectly.

The most important meal of the day, is going to be the meal right after an intense workout.

Your post workout nutrition should always include, larger meals than what you typically get throughout the day.

After breaking the muscle down for an hour, your muscle will require a lot of recovery. This recovery stage WILL determine your progress.

Typically throughout the day, you'll be eating low glycemic carbohydrates. But after a workout, you'll want the exact opposite.

Your post workout nutrition should always include High glycemic liquefied carbohydrates, along with an easily digestible protein source, such as whey protein.

Timing this particular meal is a bodybuilding secret that most never seem to figure out.

Here is an example of the process...
Begin the day with a small meal. An hour after that first small meal,
you could take a creatine supplement, wait 30 minutes, then begin training.

Workout anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes.
During that weight training, never go longer than 2 minutes of rest between sets.

Once the workout is all done, focus on your recovery meal.
Immediately drink a recovery meal, something that has a good amount of carbohydrates, preferably around 50 grams.

You want to make sure that the carbohydrates can be easily digested, so something that is liquefied would be ideal.

After taking in your carbohydrates, consume a protein shake.
Usually take in about 50 grams of protein after your workout.

So, your post workout nutrition, will always include Whey protein, and a high glycemic (high in sugar) carbohydrate meal.

Note: Only take in high glycemic (high in sugar) meals after a workout.

You only need high sugars after a workout, because high sugars absorb into the blood stream faster. Which is what you want after lifting weights.

Faster carbohydrate absorption insures that your muscles are recovered "That much faster".

Workout very intensely, then, make sure to apply a good recovery meal based on what you just learned.

Food timing is everything when you're trying to build muscle.

Remember: The building process actually begins after the workout.
So the food you feed it, and the timing of that food, is so incredibly critical.

You workout to break the muscle down, then eat the proper food to rebuild what you broke down only to make your muscles stronger for the next workload. Over time, your muscles grow to keep themselves prepared.

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