Powerlifting and Building Muscle

by Kevin
(Aurora Co.)

Question: Should I power lift if I'm trying to build muscle?

I've been hitn the gym regularly for about 3 years now. A while back I hit a plateau on power lifting. Then I decided to start a new body building work out to gain more muscle.

So now instead of doing reps of say 8 to 10, I now do reps of 15 to 20.

My question is, should I occasionally have a power lifting session, and if so, how often?

Answer: Yes! You can add a week of power lifting once a month if you'd like.

Try this workout: (opens a new window)
Weight Training Routines

With this workout you'll notice how it's set up so that each week you use different rep ranges for that extra variety that stimulates growth.

It starts off with power training at the beginning of each cycle.

Give that routine a try.

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