Pre Exhaust Intensity Method

Use the pre exhaust method to help increase your workout intensity and avoid a weight lifting plateau.

This intensity method is recommended for advanced weight lifters.

The main idea to this training method is to begin each muscle group with an isolation exercise before using a compound movement.

An isolation exercise is referring to an exercise that forces a single muscle into action, versus a compound movement that uses several muscles to push the weight.

For example: Instead of beginning your chest workout with a bench press(compound), you would instead begin with a chest fly (isolation).

What makes a bench press a compound movement?

The bench press exercise is a movement that is mainly for the chest muscles, but it also incorporates the triceps, and the shoulders, and is therefore considered a compound movement because it uses other muscles other than the chest, to lift, or push the weight.

Examples for isolation exercises:Fly, side lateral raises, cable crossovers, leg extensions, hyper extensions, sitting leg curls, smith machine squats, concentration curls...

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