Push-Ups - The Best Bodyweight Exercise?

Can push-ups help me build up my chest? Will pushups help you build your chest muscles as effectively as barbell workouts, and dumbbell workouts?

Push ups are a very popular bodyweight exercise, and can be very effective for building muscle when doing them properly.

Areas you can expect to build from doing Push ups.

The entire chest, the shoulders, the back, the triceps.

Push ups 'practically' work the entire upper body.

We recommend push-ups as the top bodyweight exercise.

The thing about pushups is to make the exercise enjoyable. You don't have to do the standard pushup where you are positioned flat. You can do this exercise by elevating your feet on a chair, or elevating your upper body.

This would create the same effect you would get from an incline press or a decline press. Only difference is, you use your own body weight. And in some cases the body weight exercises can be more effective because you can control the speed of the exercise much more.

If you are someone who is already in really good shape, you are already really built, can YOU be challenged by doing pushups? Yes!

The reason why, is because you can do this movement slower if you need to make it more challenging.

Let's look at some examples of how to make push-ups more challenging, and help you put on muscle:

Obviously you can move slower... You can also go half way down, or come half way up to put tension on different areas.

You can bring hands closer together, or separate your hands further apart...

All of these techniques are very useful and can help make this body-weight exercise more intense.

Pushups can also help you build your triceps.

Did you know that the triceps make up most of the size of your arms?

So a person with big triceps will naturally appear to have bigger arms. Pushups target the triceps very well.

Did you know that people who do pushups tend to get a wider looking back, and stronger looking back?

That's right, pushups help build your back and shoulders too!

With all these benefits, you have to wonder why more people don't do this phenomenal exercise!

Yeah, there are gadgets that you can buy, like for example "The Perfect Pushup" and yes these small pieces of equipment could help you by adding a little more variety, but just know, you really can get an effective body weight workout with no equipment with the exception of a couple chairs to elevate your body and target the upper and lower chest muscles.

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