Push-ups and biceps

by Marius

Question: I'm trying to do different exercises everyday to increase my muscles and make them bigger.

Still, there is something that bothers me. I have a question which would help me a lot with the right answer:

Is it OK to work your chest and tricep one day, and only your bicep the day after? I feel that my chest gets fired up and all warm when I train my bicep, so I'm worried that my chest won't get any rest. What do you think?

Is it OK to work on your chest one day, and then work on your bicep the day after? Thanks :)!

PS: I'm doing push-ups for my chest, and dumbbells for my bicep.

Answer: Yeah you could do that. If your chest feels fired up when doing bicep exercises, it's just the blood flowing... The chest isn't involved in any bicep exercise so you should be okay with the plan you have.

Don't train too many consecitive days though, because the body does need a day off to repair.

You grow when your muscles can heal. And the muscles heal on your days off. Train with weights approximately 3-5 days a week -- Every other day, or 2 days on one day off...

Mix it up often. That's a sure way to get the muscles growing.

With push-ups, experiment with different hand positions, and also try elevating your feet to target different areas of the chest.

The same thing with dumbbell curls. You can do hammers, alternate curls, concentration curls, etc..

With those dumbbells you have, you could even do dumbbell flys on the ground or on a bench. This will help add mass to the chest.

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