Top Nutrition And Recovery Tips For Building Muscle

These recovery tips will include food tips for muscle growth, what to consume before your workouts, what to consume after your workouts.

What to put in the body before a workout and after a workout?

The body depends on the fuel you provide it to get through those muscle building workouts, so the food you feed those muscles will help enhance your performance in the gym.

Here's a couple recovery tips to remember:

Eat 1 hour before a workout.

Never workout on an empty stomach.

The foods you eat should be complex carbohydrates and lean protein sources.

What are good carbs?

Think whole foods. Foods that are natural in nature with no added preservatives.

An example...

Don't eat Macaroni and cheese out of the box, have a salad

Don't eat doughnuts, eat an apple.

The energy (aka food) you put into your body makes a huge differnce in how you build muscle, how your workout performance will be, the level of recovery your muscles will reach, and even the mental clarity you can experience in and out of the gym.

Top Protein sources: fish, chicken, some beef (as long as it is lean), turkey, eggs, whey, beans, legumes, yogurt.

Protein sources to stay away from: Sausage, bacon, ham, pork chops, salami, Pepperoni, hot dogs... These meats are loaded with saturated fat, high in cholesterol, just to name a few, so stay away from it.

Top carbohydrate sources:

Fruit, vegetables, oats, whole wheat bread, Whole wheat pasta. Does this mean you only have 5 carbohydrates to choose from? No. There's a long list of foods for each category.

Stay away from any food that has the following in its top main ingredients: Table sugar, high fructose corn syrup, anything deep fried, white flour, hydrogenated oil, aspartame, sucrolose, MSG, crystalline fructose, tartarazine, artifical colors and flavore/dyes, autolyzed yeast, anything that starts with "propyl" carbonated beverages, anything that you cannot pronounce and it is in the main ingredient of your food, stay away from it, because it is most likely not food. Stay away from food that contain several ingredients because the longer the list the the more likely it is not natural.

What to eat after a workout?

High protein foods, nutrition dense foods (you know, the stuff you pick out of the garden).

Do you have a blender?

Mix your favorite fruit with some plain whey protein. That's the perfect recovery meal.

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