Tips And Tricks To Reduce Belly Fat

Tips on how to reduce belly fat and achieve a flat stomach fast! We uncover the myth about carbohydrates, and recommend recipes that will have you burning more fat while enjoying your favorite foods!

Today we cover the following:

Reduce simple sugar, not carbs... No more feeling deprived!

A couple recipe books to start burning fat and begin eating so much healthier by eating your favorite desserts!

Okay, ready?

Let's take a look at carbs for a second...

Why do so many people think that carbs are bad?

Think about it for a minute...

If you think carbs are bad, does that mean that you think fresh fruits are bad?

Does that mean you think fresh vegetables are bad?

Does that mean you think whole grains that are loaded with fiber is bad?

Did you know that all these foods I just mentioned above are all loaded with carbs?

Are carbs REALLY that bad? Well, according to the list of foods we just mentioned, NO!

Carbs are not the problem for what's holding you back for burning fat, and getting that flat stomach...

You wanna know what is?

SUGAR! SALT! Junk food!

Yes, you are right, there is sugar is fruits... But it's NOT the kind of sugar that causes belly fat.

Sugar, that is in fruits, is a lower glycemic sugar. Meaning, it does NOT spike insulin and cause the same reaction you would get from eating candy, cake, etc...

Reduce sugar, not carbs

If you reduce your carbs, you are practically getting rid of EVERY healthy food that there is: Fruits, vegetables whole grains, are all carbohydrate foods, and are very necessary for good health.

Bad Carbs:

Corn syrup, maltodextrin, candy, doughnuts, and on and on... These are the carbs to stay away from.

Good Carbs:

Fruits, vegetable, whole grains...

So now you understand carbohydrates ARE NOT all created equally.

By giving up carbs, you're giving up good health. Don't give up carbs, give up simple sugars, and junk food.

Okay, we had to get that out of the way, so that you understand the difference. Sorry for the lecture ;)

Many people go on low carb diets, but frankly if you are on a low carb/no carb diet, what the heck would you eat? What else is there left? Butter, bacon and steak? You can't live like that!

Food ideas to prepare for healthy desserts!

We're getting rid of junk food, but that does not mean food has to be boring.

What we want to do is get rid of simple sugars, and replace those sugars with sugar alternatives that are just a sweet, but HEALTHIER, and will help you trim up, and get a flat stomach!

Use sugar replacements. Foods like agave, yacon syrup, and stevia are great sugar replacements! So with that being said, do you see where we're going with this?

We are offering you healthy food alternatives, that taste just as good as the bad stuff!


You'll have to make your own food. But don't worry... you'll have recipes to choose from, that will give you ideas on what foods to prepare!

So now you will still get to eat your favorite treats, while losing weight!

No more feeling deprived. Eat the foods you love! Prepare simple delicious foods, without feeling guilty!

For healthy snack ideas and recipes, these are literally your best options:

100 Healthy Raw Snacks And Treats


Sugar Free Cakes And Cookies

Get either one of those recipe books and you will truly begin to create healthy snacks, that are fast, and easy to prepare! Your stomach will shrink in the process!

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