Rest For A Left Arm Injury

by Youssef


I got an light injury in my left arm when I was performing an ez-bar bicep curl (standing) workout. How should I rest?

Should I decrease the weight, rest my whole arm, rest my biceps, or temporarily replace the ez-bar workout with another dumbbell exercise for example...

I got the injury in my left arm near my wrist, but I don't know whether the pain comes from my bone or from my wrist?!

I got this injury because I overloaded the weight suddenly...35 kg after hardly doing 30 kg 6 reps.

I always feel some pain when I train with the far hold of the ez-bar, so should I always work this exercise with light weights or change it (maybe because my body form doesn't fit for this exercise)?

Answer: Any time you're experiencing pain like this, you should seek medical advice from a doctor. Someone who can take a look at your arm and determine how severe it is.

Anytime you are adding weight to the bar, you should start out with light weight, not heavy weight.

Starting out with 6 reps, and then increasing that weight from that 6 rep starting point, is dangerous.

If you are wanting to increase the weight, you can do so, by giving your muscles a chance to warm up using light weight first, then increasing to moderate weight, then increasing it to heavier weight.

But before you try this, get yourself checked out before performing anymore workout sets.

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