Rest Pause Workout Intensity Method
A Great Technique To Add To Your Rountine.

You may periodically go through phases where you want to lift heavier weight, and you want to keep adding as much weight as you can throughout the weeks, that's where rest pauses come in handy.

If you're lifting more weight than what you typically lift, then simply do as many reps as you can, rack the weight, rest for about 10 seconds, then do a few more reps.

Repeat this over and over until you've reached your goal rep range.

Let's say you normally bench around 250 lbs for 10 reps, but this week you want to add some weight.. But with the added weight, all you can get is about 6 reps.. No problem!

When you fail at 6, simply rack the weight, rest for about 10 seconds, then push out 1 or 2 more, rest for another 10 seconds, and keep pushing out those single or double reps until you've reached your desired rep range.

Take your normal 1 to 2 minute rest upon completion, then do it all over again.

This will be great for adding strength and mass.

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