Free Bodybuilding Weight Lifting Routine

For this routine, the idea is to pick a weight that you can do for no more than 10 repetitions for your first set. You should fail at 10.

As you progress through your sets, that number will naturally fall from 10 to 8 and so on.. (rest 1 minute between each set)

The workout routine will look like this...

With every exercise in this routine, you will be doing 4 sets. Example: 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps.

Day 1: Chest and Biceps

Flat fly

Incline fly

Flat dumbbell press

Incline dumbbell press


Incline dumbbell curl

hammer dumbbell curl

lying dumbbell curl

alternate dumbbell curl


Day 2: Off


Day 3: Back and Triceps- with hand wraps

pull up

Bench dips

bent over rows

One arm lying dumbbell triceps extension

T-bar rows

Seated Overhead Barbell Triceps Extension



Day 4: off

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Day 5: Legs and shoulders- with back support belt.

Dead lifts


shoulder barbell press

side lateral raise

dumbbell shoulder press

shoulder row

One legged calve raise

200 repetitions of Abs..

Crunches- 4x25

Sit-ups- 4x25


Day 6: off


Repeat Day 1


Each workout day shouldn't take any longer than 60 minutes of total workout time.

Make sure to keep an even pace throughout the entire workout.

Sometimes it's useful to have a watch or a clock handy, to be sure that you aren't resting for too long between sets.

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New Mass Building Weight Training Routine!

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