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For Advanced Bodybuilders

For this particular routine, you'll be executing your first repetition to meet the desired 10 repetition mark for your first set.

But this time, once you've reached 10, you'll rest the weight, or rack the weight for 10 seconds, then attempt to push more reps out until you get to 15.

This will really strain the muscle and really force them to grow.

Every set will be completed once you reach 15.
But you must pick a weight where you can only do 10 reps.
The extra 5 reps will be forced reps.

Complete 10 reps, rest for 5 or 10 seconds, push out 1 or 2 more, rest for 5-10 seconds, push out a few more until you've reached a total of 15.
1 set complete, 2 more to go.

Do this for every exercise movement.

Day 1: Chest -Triceps


Decline barbell press 3x15

Incline barbell press 3x15

Flat dumbbell press 2x15

Flat dumbbell fly 3x15


Bench dips 3x15

Lying triceps extensions 3x15

Close grip barbell press 3x15


Day 2: Off


Day 3: Back - Bicep

Pull up 3x15

Bent over barbell row 3x15

Dumbbell row 4x15

EZ bar curl 3x15

Alternate dumbbell curl 3x15

One arm preacher curl 4x15


Day 4: Off


Day 5: Shoulder

Shoulder press 3x15

Dumbbell press 3x15

Military press 3x15

Side lateral 4x15

Arnold press 3x15


Day 6: Off


Day 7: Legs- Abs

Abs- 300 reps-Variation
150 reps for lower abs
150 reps for upper abs

Dead lifts 2x15

Squat 4x15

Stiff leg Deadlift 3x15

Jump ropes but without the rope
8x50(400 repetitions)


Day 8: Off




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