Running and Muscle Building

Running for muscle building

Weight lifters are incredibly concerned about losing muscle from running. Let's dispel this myth.

Running not only is great for muscle building, but it's also great for fat loss, endurance, and better health all across the board.

Can I still pack on rock solid muscle mass from running every day?

Yes, in fact, you may build MORE muscle from running, than from not.

The amount of blood circulation, and the over-all nutrient delivery from running, makes for the perfect muscle building environment.

Rumor has it, that if you run every day, you will force too many calories to burn off, and that you need a surplus, or in other words a decent amount of calories, to build muscle...

This is partially correct. While running DOES in fact cause you to burn calories, not all calories are equal, and most certainly not all food consumed converts into lean solid muscle. So burning calories isn't the problem.

Consuming healthy food with an active lifestyle, allows you to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. You mustn't over-indulge, nor should you cut cardio in an attempt to get bigger (believe it or not people do this).

The problem isn't cardio, or running... No... the problem
is the lack of proper nutrition, in combination with little protein, and then on top of that, throwing in too much cardio in an already burnt out body. That's the reason why you may not grow bigger (muscle size) when doing cardio.

So as you see, running is not a problem for building muscle. Running is actually a good thing to add to your weight training (or any strength training for that matter), for added muscle mass.

More Running Tips:

Run every day, but do your strength training less frequently.

Why run every day?

To keep yourself healthy. A healthy body, builds muscle faster.

Aim for 30 minutes of running (jogging) per day.

Eat organic healthy food.

Reduce packaged food, and replace it with food directly from the ground.

For meals, make your own.

Lower your sugar and your salt intake.

Increase your protein intake.

The best protein sources are:

Eggs, egg white powder, whey protein isolate.

Common Questions:

Q: Should you run in the morning or at night?

A: Actually the choice is yours. Choose what's best for you.

Q: Should you run before or after weight lifting?

A: Run after you've done your strength training, and also run on your off days.

Q: If running is so good for muscle building, why is it that most people who run aren't that built?

A: Because like everything else, most people are ill-informed. And of course, not everyone has the goal of getting bigger.

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