Best Shoulder Exercises - Deltoids

The best, most effective Shoulder exercises for building muscle!

Behind the neck presses

Mainly the front and sides of the shoulder.

Dumbbell presses

Works the front and sides.

Arnold presses

Great isolation movement

Works the side and front deltoids.

It's said, that the Arnold presses might be one of the best shoulder isolation exercises.

Clean and press

Clean and press

front and sides, and total body density.

Military press

Front and sides. Effective shoulder exercise.

Machine press

Front and sides.

Push presses

Over all strength and mass shoulder exercise.

Bent over laterals - rear lateral raise

Bent over laterals - Or sometimes called rear lateral raise.

Works the outer, front and rear shoulder muscle. These can be done on a bench while leaning forward, or you can do these while standing and bending over slightly as the picture shows.

One-Arm Cross cable lateral

Outer, front, and rear.

One arm side cable lateral

Outer, front, and rear.

Reverse Overhead dumbbell lateral

Side and rear deltoids, traps.

Front dumbbell raises

Front deltoids and traps.

Lying side laterals

Rear and side deltoids.

Trapezius ( traps )

Upright rows

Traps, front deltoids.

Dumbbell shrugs

Traps for thickness.

Dumbbell shrugs

Works the traps

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