Shoulder Workout Routine

With this shoulder workout routine, we'll cover:

  • How to build massive shoulders

  • How to make your shoulders wide

  • Building the traps

    This shoulder workout routine uses some very effective shoulder exercises. We put these exercises together in a way that compliment each other and will help you the best way possible.

    The shoulder exercises that are used in this shoulder workout are:

    Compound exercises first

    Shoulder press

    Military press

    Isolation exercises

    Shoulder fly

    Arnold press (isolation/compound) Some people don't like the Arnold press and find it awkward, if this is you, then do bent over laterals.

    For trap development:

    Upright rows

    Shrugs (but with a little twist)

    And then at the end, we wrap it up with an exercise that will give your muscles a good full stretch.

    Some basic rules for this shoulder routine:

  • Start with 1 warm up set for every exercise. 1 warm up set, using light weight, do about 15 reps.

  • After your warm up set, do 2 sets between 8 and 12.

  • Rest between sets 2 min max.

    The Shoulder Routine:

    Remember, 1 warm up set, then 2 regular sets. The warm up set is light weight and you are doing 15 reps to get the muscles ready for every exercise.

    Shoulder press x2

    With shoulder press, don't let the elbows drop too far below the shoulder. So when bringing the weight down, you'll avoid tearing your shoulder, and stay injury free.

    Military press x2

    With military press, try doing these while standing.

    Shoulder fly or Lateral extensions x2

    With lateral extensions, bring weight up and then twist the wrists (like pouring water) once the weight is at the height of the shoulder.

    Arnold press x2

    With the Arnold press, there are a lot of muscles involved in the movement, take advantage of this exercise.

    Upright rows x2

    With upright rows, no need for much weight. Lift the weight above the chin and then hold the weight there for a couple seconds. If you can't do that, take some weight off the bar.

    Shrugs x2

    With shrugs, normally you would lift the weight by lifting your shoulders upward and then dropping the shoulders again... But instead of going through the motion you normally would, hold the weight for 5 or 10 seconds on every rep when the weight is lifted.

    Arm Circles. Shoulder workout.

    To wrap up your shoulder workout routine, stretch out your arms with the arm circle.

    Do 50 reps forward, and 50 reps the opposite direction.

    And there you have it. A complete shoulder workout routine that will help sculpt your shoulders, will help build strength and mass to the shoulders, will add height to your traps, and will target the shoulders from the front, the sides, and the back area for a well round symmetrical look.

    For more ideas on building a workout routine, we recommend these free workout routines.

    For pictures of shoulder exercises, please visit this shoulder exercise section.

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