Strong Without Getting Big


I'm 15 and I've been working out for about six months, i the 2 months i lost 15 lbs., but I've gained 12 back in muscle.

I am a mix between an ectomorph and a mesomorph, having some traits of an ectomorph, but more traits of a mesomorph.

I mostly do body weight exercises. I workout out about 4-5 times a week, but i also swim and run. I also drop and do pushups or do pullups all throughout the day. My usual workout takes about 1:15-1:30.

Pushups(regular, elevated, wide, and diagonal, finger, triangle, hindu): 60
Pullups(wide-palms-out, close-palms-in):17
Crunches/situps(regular, elevated, diagonal, mason twist): 100
Body weight(squats 60, horse stance 60s, one-leg squat2-3 each, calf raisers 100)
With the weights(one-hand dead lift 10 each, shrugs 30, standing row 25, shoulder press 10)
Holding exercises(handstand-on-wall 70, frog stance into head stand 60 each, side planks 100, plank 100)
Handstand pushup:1
tricep dips: 50
leg-lift with bar: 20

The thing I'm not sure that I'm doing correctly is the Hindu pushup.

Increase each workout every month, most by 10

Swim: warm-up freestyle for 5-10 min, 3 laps freestyle, 3 laps breast stroke, 3 laps back stroke, any others if i have time.

Run: go up 5 min every month, now it's 30 min.

I hope to achieve strength in all areas, but not
to be big, I mostly want to be strong in the body weight exercise area and weight lifting area.

I eat, on weekends because of the interruption of school, a meal every 2-3 hours. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, i do eat a good amount of meat, but I'd rather not eat too much fat, but enough. I don't eat any candy or other junk like that. I eat the vegetables grown in our own garden often, the most unhealthy things i eat are when I go out to eat, but I try to find the healthiest item on the menu and I order that. I also ONLY drink water, that's because I'm lactose intolerant and don't like milk anyway.

Can you help me get as strong as possible with out getting big?

Do you have any core exercises that can get my core stronger? More defined wouldn't be bad to add to that too.

Also, grip exercises i can do while sitting down.

I do go to school, and have to study and do homework. Maybe you could give me some tips on things to do while going to school.

How to build leg strength when you only have 60 lbs of weights?


You'd benefit greatly from the Bruce Lee Workout found here.

For grip exercises use this.

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