Super Sets Intensity Method
To Give Your Workouts
An Added Boost!

Learn how to do Supersets and other intensity techniques to help bust through plateaus.

Super Sets- These are awesome for adding extra intensity!

To superset, you would do an exercise with your normal rep range, but instead of resting afterward, you would immediately start doing another exercise.

Example Superset:
Exercise 1- Shoulder Press
Exercise 2- Bicep Curl

Supersets are perfect for adding a little extra intensity to your workouts.

With the added exercise movements, you could consider this an intensity method for burning a few extra calories, which is perfect for cutting and gaining definition.

Tri sets- These are very similar to supersets

Instead of doing 2 exercises back to back, you would do 3 exercises one after the other before resting.

Example Tri-sets:
Exercise 1: Bicep curl
Exercise 2: Triceps extensions
Exercise 3: Squats

(It's recommended, but not absolutely written in stone to do opposite muscle groups whenever doing supersets or trisets, as you will notice above.) Sometimes you can do the same muscle groups back to back, but over the long haul, you may want to do opposing muscle groups to keep this intensity method effective.

Add this plateau busting technique whenever you feel like your workouts are just not offering the results you're looking for.

This technique will add more training volume to your workouts, so expect to really feel it the next day!

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