The Ideal Workout Routine

(Coventry, UK)


I am a 22 year old who has been attempting to gain a distinct level of muscle and toning for a few years now with little success.

I have tried eating protein rich and carbohydrate packed foods and working out regularly with the assistance of protein recovery milkshakes. My overall muscle has increased, but certainly not enough considering how long I have been trying.

I need to know exactly what workout routine will allow me to gain substantial muscle. When and how should I workout? Also, nutrition tips would be helpful too...

Age: 22
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 58.4 kg
Body Fat: 12.5 %
TBW: 63.8
Muscle: 46.3 %
BMI: 19.0


1. Train with weights, mostly free weights.

2. Train no longer than 60 minutes each weight lifting workout.

3. Rest between sets approximately 2 minutes.

4. Train each body part no more than once a week.

5. Weight train every other day to fully recover muscle.

6. Experiment with different rep ranges.

7. Two to four sets per exercise works well.

8. Change routines often. Add weight, increase reps, slow the movement down... There are lots of ways to keep your workouts changing.

9. The nutritional aspect is a complex one... Go check out our nutrition section over to the left.

10. Most people believe that it's all about how much weight you lift, but this isn't entirely so... Focus more on strict form even if you have to lift less. This will isolate the muscles for a more intense contraction.

Here's our Workout Routine Section

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