Make Your Last Set Count
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Make your last set count

So you've gone through and have done a few sets, you're now letting your muscles recover between sets, but you are making sure that the muscles are not fully recovering by not resting anything longer than 2 minutes between each completed set...

Muscle Mass For The Hard Gainer Part 4/7

You've given your muscles just a minute or two rest, nothing more... Then finally you get to your last set. This is the set that matters the most. Make it count.

Resting between sets takes about 1 to 2 minutes.

The absolute last set which is the hardest set to complete, should take you longer to complete than the first set.

That means, you may have to rest a couple seconds between reps to take full advantage of the muscle benefits that come from your last set of repetitions.

So let's say you've completed 2 sets, and are wanting to accomplish 3 sets.

On set number three, when your muscles feel completely spent, you're going to force out some more reps to fully exhaust these muscles before moving on to another exercise or another muscle group.

You may have to take a few plates off, and that's fine. But remember, this last set counts, and will be one of the main deciding factors on how you build muscle with your workout routines.

You have a few options for your last set:

If you feel like you can only push out just a couple reps, that's okay. Rack the weight every few reps, rest for a couple seconds and repeat, until you feel you can no longer lift it again.


Remove a few plates, and get really strict with the movement. Move slower and exhaust yourself in an entirely different way. Both methods will work.

The point is, the muscle needs to be challenged, and you are in control!

Take advantage of your last set, the finishing touch. Consider this the most important set for every exercise you choose.

Make it the hardest, the most challenging... Do that for every exercise. Then, treat yourself to a day off the next day, and watch yourself take on some new size!

When you workout hard enough, you'll begin to understand why these days off are so important.

Make a 45 minute workout tougher than what most people experience in a 2 hour workout. That's the approach to a mass building workout.

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