The Three Body Types In Bodybuilding

What is my body type? How to approach your workout training and diet, for each of the three body types: Endomorph, Ectomorph, and Mesomorph.

Endomorph- The endomorph body type has no problems building muscle mass, however the endomorph body type tends to have a problem keeping their fat levels low, especially in the abdominal region. Belly fat is a common trait of the endomorph. The endomorph is characterized by having an increased capacity for fat storage. This body type has a wide waist and a large bone structure.

Ectomorph- This body type describes the skinnier physique that has a harder time gaining weight. Ectomorphs have a hard time gaining weight as a result of having a much faster metabolism. The ectomorph body type is characterized by their long thin muscles, and low fat storage.

Mesomorph- The mesomorph body type has the ideal genetics for a bodybuilder, because they naturally have a muscular frame, and can build muscle mass quite easily, while simultaneously being able to keep their fat levels relatively low. The Mesomorph is characterized by having a large bone structure, low fat levels, wide shoulders, and a thin waist.

Want to build muscle and keep fat levels low? Keep reading!

Figure out which of the three body types you are. Maybe you’re a combination of one or more of these three body types; if this is the case, make sure to apply one of the three body types that best describes you.

Endomorph Basics

This is the category that most will fall under. Your body type stores fat the easiest of the three body types. You'll have to make sure to do more physical activity, such as cardio, so that you can train your body to better utilize the food that you feed it, and burn off extra calories. The route you should take for exercise would be to do an equal amount of cardio with your weight training.

Ectomorph Basics

Your approach to building muscle will look like this…

You will have to focus a lot of your attention on eating more calories. You’ll have to be careful to not expend too much energy. Your body utilizes and burns calories at such a fast rate, it’ll be almost impossible to build good quality muscle mass if you eat too little and move too often.

You can still be an active person, but if your activity level is high, than your calorie levels need to go up as well.

You build muscle slowly, so you are going to have to out smart your genetics.

You must never workout longer than 1 hour. 1 hour is your cut off point. Anything longer than this would make it very hard for you to put on any weight, since putting on weight tends to be a struggle for your particular body type.

If you did any kind of cardio, it would be to basically keep you in good cardiovascular health, but would not benefit you much when trying to build muscle mass.

When you are performing your sets and repetitions during your weight training workout, you should keep everything relatively low volume.

Mesomorph Basics -

You gain muscle relatively easy, and naturally have a thick muscular frame that’s ready to be chiseled practically right from the beginning.

Mesomorphs have an incredible capacity for muscle development, and can begin their training with the focus on toward what ever their objective may be.

For a weight training regimen with your particular aesthetics, it’s recommended to focus on detail. Naturally you have a bulky frame, so focus on isolation movements right from the beginning.

How to build muscle according to your specific body type?

Endomorph: Workout 2 days on, 1 day off. Go for a rep range of 12. Do about 4-5 sets for every movement. A 60 minute workout should do it.

Ectomorph: Workout every other day. Go for a rep range of 8 or 10. Do about 3 sets for every movement. A 30 minute workout plan should be sufficient.

Mesomorph: Workout every other day as well. Go for a rep range of 8 to 12. Do about 3 to 5 sets for every movement. A 45min to a little over an hour workout should be just fine for you.

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Note: These are just approximations. Always go for the feel. You can use the information that you’ve received as a simple guide line for your specific body type.

Remember, there is no exact science to this. We only want to use this info as a guide to propel us in a positive, productive direction.