Too Much Healthy Fats

by sherif
(Los Angeles)

Question: Too Much Healthy Fats... I eat a 2 bag of peanuts everyday each bag contains 22 grams of fat so just from those 2 bags alone, I am getting 44 grams of healthy fats but it is still fat nonetheless and that's besides the fats I'm getting from my other meals.

I have 2 bags of peanuts mon-fri. These are the nutrition facts: Calories-260, fat calories-200, total fat-22 grams, saturated fat-3.5grams, sodium-190 milligrams, total carb-8 grams, dietary fiber-4grams, protein-13 grams.

Would eating 2 bags a day 5 days a week be detrimental, in terms of fat, for my bulking phase?

Answer: Would it be detrimental? No.

If you consume more calories than you burn... well then you'll create a surplus. If gaining weight is your goal, consuming more calories than you burn is the route you should take.

More calories help with weight gain, unfortunately though, not all of that weight that you put on will be added muscle mass.

Most of the weight gained during a bulking phase is body fat, whether you are eating peanuts, or whether you are eating tons of grains.. if you eat too much, the body will store body fat as an energy reserve.

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