Training With Weights

Training with weights is by far the best way to pack on muscle weight. Not pulley exercises, or fancy fitness gadgets...

Body weight exercises are good, but should only be a temporary alternative to weights. Weight training is the way to go.

Muscle Mass For The Hard Gainer Part 2/7

If you combine many styles of training, that would be okay to do once in a while. But if you were to settle for just one single training style, that would have to be weight training for the best mass building results. Okay, let's move on...

It's important not to workout out stiff muscles.

What do we mean by this?

Jumping right into a workout, using heavy weights, can cause some long term problems.

It's vital that you warm up your muscles, even if it's just a couple minutes.

Shoulder injuries are something you do not want to encounter. So to stay injury free, loosen up the muscles by lifting only the bar, or some very light weight, just to get the muscles to wake up. Then, move onto the (reasonably) heavier stuff.

Mix it up between barbells and dumbbells. Give your muscles the best of both worlds.

Doing a mixture of barbell exercises and dumbbell exercises will in fact cause more growth through versatility.

Also, give your muscles variety by changing the speed of how fast you move the weight.

Sometimes slow controlled form can be altered with faster more explosive reps.

When you do lighter weight workouts, move the bar slower.When you do heavy weight workouts, move the bar faster, in a more explosive manner.

You are more likely to grow when you do not stick to the same approach time after time.

If the muscle adapts to a workout, fine, but make sure that particular workout is intensified in some way shape or form.

Powerful Exercises:

Squats, dead lifts, bench presses, bent over barbell rows, and shoulder presses, are the best mass building exercises.

This does not mean that you must only workout with these exercises. What it does mean however, is to incorporate these exercises in with your workouts frequently.

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